Chime on in

I'd love for you to be as much of this experience as Mr. McCormick and I are. You are part of this conversation.

So chime in!

  • Have a killer recipe I just have to try?
  • Think I should try a new approach?
  • Have feedback about this whole thing in general?
  • Like something you're seeing/reading?
  • Dislike something you're seeing/reading?

I love the Ghost platform, but it doesn't currently allow for comments. You can send me your notes, thoughts and questions at

Also feel free to send me a Tweet, hit me up on Facebook or comment on Instagram if you have something to add!

(Or maybe it's send me a Facebook? Hit me up on Tweeter? I can't really keep it all straight these days.)

As I get feedback and comments, I'll update that relevant post. I've already put a few such FAQs on the crispy kale.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say.