This Week: Old Favorites

This weekend we are leaving the kiddos in the capable hands of family. Still, it's the first time that they'll be without both Mr. McC and I (gulp!).

Being the Type A personality that I am, I have drafted a ten-page (not even joking) care guide for my patient mother. Mind you, she has watched the babies on a regular basis for the past year, yet I still feel the need to micromanage every detail. Poor woman.

For a laugh, and to remind myself that I'm not alone in my craziness, I went back to this fantastic article posted by Scary Mommy: The Most Insane List of Care Instructions Ever.

Oh how I can relate:)

Old Favorites

As I write this I am roasting eggplant for the kiddos (and us) and meal planning to prepare everyone for the weekend. With lots to get ready, it is going to be a week of standbys and tried and true favorites.

Here's what we're cooking:

And there will probably be at least one frozen DiGiorno supreme pizza in there. Because, Thursdays.

Have a great rest of your week and a fantastic holiday weekend!

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