A Moment of Zen

It's been a tough week. Rewarding, but hard.

Wednesday night my mantra was something along the lines of, "I literally, can't even begin to know where to go from here."

Which reminded me of this hilarious book cover:

Literally, can't even

I love The Daily Show's nightly "moment of Zen" at the very end of every show. It always makes me smile.

My 'moment of Zen' this week came as I glanced out of my Dallas hotel window the next morning and saw this glorious sunrise.


It was a wonderful moment of meditation and gratitude. I needed that burst of color, and a bit of healthy perspective on my troubles as well.

Which led me to this helpful reminder, and something I read sometimes when I'm feeling grouchy, tired or ungrateful.


We don't always feel like smiling, but those around us benefit when we do. And I have found that when you do the action, the attitude will shortly follow.

Here's to some more happy, reflective moments in the kitchen this weekend.

-The Resolved Cook

Amelia McCormick

Kansas girl transplanted to Asheville, North Carolina. Smiler, lover of great food and wine, facilitator, runner, storyteller, wife, optimist, and mother of sweet twins:)

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