And ... We're Back!

Hi, there!

I’m so sorry to have left you all in a lurch the past few months. I’ll explain it all here. But I so appreciate your emails of concern! Thank you.

So here is the story.

Big Changes

Around the time of post #268 (which was delish, by the way) we had some big changes happening.

Mr. McC had received some well-deserved interest for a job in North Carolina and we were sorting out how we felt about all of that. Were we really interested in moving? Was this a better opportunity for him? Could I keep my job with Decker?

On top of that, I had several weeks of crazy work travel in October. Never good news for a food blog.

Then, we added another big item to our to-do lists. We found out we were pregnant. With twins!

This complicated things for The Resolved Cook immensely, because up to then I was on target. I was going to get to my goal of 365 new recipes in 2014! I could see the light at the end of that tunnel everyone is always talking about!

And then, right around when I should have been posting #270, I was hit with wicked (insert Boston accent here) morning sickness.

Palate Shift

Have you experienced morning sickness? It comes in various forms and levels of intensity. I would say I had a medium/high version thanks to double the rocking hormones in my system.

Side note: My number one question around being ill in pregnancy has been, “Do you have what Princess Kate has?” No, thank goodness. It was never that bad. Bless the poor Duchess of Cambridge. She is a stronger woman than I.

In those first few weeks, the only things that sounded good to me were chicken nuggets and potatoes. Oh, and fries! The blander the food, the better. I informed Mr. McC that I wouldn’t be cooking anything – he’d have to fare on his own.

Then the actual ‘sick’ part hit. I’ll spare you the details, but it lasted for about 11 weeks.

A whole new world

In the midst of all that craziness in my first trimester, Mr. McC and I made the decision to move to Asheville, North Carolina. We packed up our lives, bought a house and have been living in the great state of NC together for almost two whole weeks.

Were we crazy? Probably. Nothing like piling on all the most stressful life events possible into a four month period and arriving in a new place six months pregnant with twins. (As I read that very long sentence I want to do a face palm. We ARE crazy.)

Then again, it’s a new adventure that I’m excited for. As I type, the little nuggets are kicking up a storm and seem to be enjoying themselves. So I will too.

A bright outlook

These days, I have my cooking appetite and palate back. It’s glorious. It’s like my body woke up from a long, flu-like slumber and decided that taste was a good thing again.

I also am blessed to be employeed by a company that is letting me work from home before and after maternity leave. Thank goodness for amazing colleagues and super fantastic bosses.

We have a lot to do: furnish a nursery and home, grow two healthy babies, learn how to diaper said babies, etc. I have faith and hope that together we will make it through.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep this resolution going. We made it to 269 new recipes last year, which is still pretty awesome. I plan to get to 365 and I hope you'll all forgive the extended timeline:)

Thank you again for your support! Keep the emails coming. More recipes to come soon.

-Amelia, The Resolved Cook

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