An introduction

How did we get here, you and I?

The resolution

This experiment was born out of simple monotony. Last December found me in a kitchen rut. Travel, hectic work schedules, holiday parties ... I had no interest in finding new things to feed Mr. McCormick and I. I was hitting the old standbys hard. And the man may love my cooking, but there is only so much barbeque turkey meatloaf he can take in one month.

Santa brought me cookbooks and new inspiration by way of Ina and Deb. These books got me through the bulk of our 12-hour drive back home from the holiday as I menu planned for the coming year.

And suddenly, somewhere outside Pasadena, I made the resolution to make 365 new recipes in 2014. I must have been on a post-Christmas biscotti and fudge high of some kind.


"Great!" you say. "Go for it. And maybe put up some photos on Instagram. But why do you have to write about it?"

Well, I tell lots of stories. They are usually too long, full of detail. I get really excited telling them. Many times these stories deal with food. And I love food. (My husband is nodding as he reads this.)

No matter the form (supper, dinner, cheese plate, snack, breakfast, midnight cookie raid, brunch), food can be such an incredible experience. It can be a memory, a moment frozen in time. It's time to chronicle all these moments of mine in some fun way, and add some new ones.

So gear up for some stories - about food and other stuff too. They'll be joyful, sad, generic, random and memorable (maybe even a few that are all of the above). Just how I like them.

The Resolved Cook

Don't worry about the serious sounding name, this is going to be fun.

The Resolved Cook is a reference to the resolution I made - 365 in 2014. It's also an acknowledgement that cooking is a joy, a pleasure ... but it also takes some backbone. It takes planning. It takes some darn work!

Here are a few promises to get started for the year:

  • 365 new recipes I have never attempted in the course of 2014. There will be musings, comments, tweaks, and results both good and bad.
  • A few oldie but goodie recipes sprinkled in.
  • Stories about food, family, travel and friends.

Let's get going!

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