No. 157: Apricot, Mint & Ricotta Tartine

The challenge for many home cooks is finding a way to use ingredients that you might not usually have in your pantry or fridge. This week, for me, it was ricotta.

My orange-ricotta pancakes earlier in the week only used a bit of the ricotta I had purchased. These fresh and fruity tartines seemed like a perfectly handy snack and easy way to use it up.


No quantities listed here, as you can layer these up with as much of each ingredient as you like!

Slices of baguette or your favorite artisanal bread
Honey or agave
Olive oil
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper

To make

Toast sliced bread. While bread is toasting, slice apricots in half, remove pit, and slice into thick wedges. Chiffonade mint leaves and set aside.

Prepping ingredients

Once bread is done toasting, coat the top of each slice generously with olive oil. With a knife, spread a thick layer of ricotta on top of each slice. Top the cheese with salt. Place four apricot wedges on the ricotta and sprinkle with mint.

Finish each tartine with a generous drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

The results

These are seriously wonderful stone fruit tartines.


The layers of flavor, from the olive oil to the honey and ground pepper, are fresh and sweet. The mint also cuts through some of the richer elements.

These are perfect for brunch menu or a casual gathering. I loved how easy they were to assemble with just a few mintues prep needed.

I might also make them again for an easy weekend lunch at some point. They were a great way to start our World Cup viewing party.

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