No. 270: California Toast

Greetings from North Carolina!

We are out of boxes and slowly procuring new items to fill this great big house. It’s so much fun to put together a real home for Mc. McC, myself and the Mini McC’s. (Photos to come later - it's really not that interesting yet.)

Now that I’m working from home and eating like a normal person, there are so many opportunities to try new dishes. Lunch is going to be a regular cooking slot for the first time too. No more quick trips in downtown SF to Mixt Greens or Chipotle.

California Toasts

Fitting that the first new recipe I tried in our kitchen was a classic Cali dish. Avocados just sounded oh so good.

I had planned to make this, but ended up making the below instead as my own little adaptation.


2 slices bread (the chunkier the better)
4 slices of bacon, baked until crispy
1 ripe avocado, peeled and stoned
1 tablespoon unsalted pepitas or sunflower seeds
Pinch of red chili flakes
Squeeze of lime juice (about half a lime)
Pinch of salt
Finely diced red onion, amount of your preference (optional)

To make

While the bacon cools (this is my favorite bacon cooking method), toast your slices of bread in a toaster or the oven and get all your ingredients ready.


(Welcome to my new kitchen!)

Combine the avocado, chili flakes, lime juice, salt and red onion (if desired) in a bowl. Roughly mash everything together with a fork.

Spread the avocado mash on warm slices of toasted bread. Sprinkle with seeds.

Mash and Toast

Top with two slices of bacon each. Serve warm either open face or as a sandwich.

The results

This twist on basic avocado toast was a filling lunch. Even better was that it was full of yummy fats for the little nuggets to enjoy.

Toast with bacon

I highly recommend getting a nice crisp on your bacon too. The creamy avocado mash with crunchy bacon/seeds was a great texture combo.

I' d like to claim I set a classy place for me to eat at the dining room table and took a proper lunch break to enjoy this plate.

In reality I ate this standing up in the kitchen while the handy man and I chatted about paint colors. I couldn’t even take the time to sit down because it looked so good.

No regrets. #pregnantladyproblems

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