No. 290: Eggs & Greens

I stumbled upon the most fantastic article last week. In it, food bloggers outline the insanely easy breakfasts that they routinely eat, but never bother to post about.

This is my kind of recipe collection. Easy, wholesome, delicious treats that are so simple that we forget about them.

Eggs & Greens

Here's one example. This dish came from Nikki Rappaport who is the author of Cupcakes for Breakfast.


2 cups Swiss chard, baby spinach or a combination
2 eggs
Olive oil
Greek yogurt, sriracha and black pepper for serving (optional)

To make

Saute the greens in a pan until they're beginning to wilt. Crack the two eggs in the middle.


Cook until the whites are set to your liking.

Cooking a bit further

Slide all that goodness into a bowl and serve with a dollop of yogurt, sriracha and freshly cracked black pepper.

The results

I know this is supposed to be a breakfast dish, but I made it for lunch. It was fast, filling and full of yummy nutrients for me and the kiddos.

Final bowl

In my version, I skipped the sriracha and yogurt, but added a healthy dose of black pepper and some red pepper flakes. You could also add some toast if you want crunch.

I did a 'hard' fry on my eggs. It was partly for pregnancy safety, partly because that's my usual preference.

One thing to note, definitely put in a full two cups of greens. My one cup turned into practically 1/4 cup after the wilting process. I wished I had more.

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