Halfway to a Resolution

We've passed the halfway mark, you and I.

I can't quite believe that this simple goal has gone this far this quickly. In some ways, it's like we just began.

190 recipes is a lot in a little under 200 days. I'm blessed to have had the support of so many of you reading along, sending notes and comments via email, and telling me what dishes you have loved making. It's thrilling to know you all are finding some inspiration here too.

With all this time in the kitchen, I've learned a few things about cooking and myself along the way:

  • Accountability is key. I don't know if I would have stuck to this as much as I have without the knowledge that so many of you are checking in and following. THANK YOU for that reminder:)

  • I never really thought of myself as the creative cook type, I've always relied more heavily on recipes. With this exercise, I've gained a lot of confidence: changing, adapting and tweaking dishes on the fly. Turns out, I can create new things too if I just give myself some permission.

  • I'm still not great with homemade dough and anything that contains yeast. I should probably keep hacking away at it. Practice does in fact make one more perfect in the realm of breads and doughs. Sigh.

  • I love the Internet. There are so many great places for food/recipe inspiration. Seriously, so very many. Just try a few of the links in this bullet!

  • Planning is important, but sometimes you just have to abandon the path you've carefully laid out.

  • Along those lines, it's ok to take a break. On your way home from the train station, it's ok to go to the local burrito or pizza place and pickup a meal to-go.

  • Food brings people together. I knew this one, but it's so very true. I've loved hearing more and more from friends and family about what they are cooking and enjoying at home. In fact, my parents have started sending me photos of their meals on a weekly basis:)

  • A great partner makes everything more palatable - literally and figuratively. My chief sous chef, cheerleader, food photographer, taste tester, dish washer and experimenter in all of this has been the patient and loving Mr. McCormick. There are definitely days that I know he puts up with all of this simply because he loves me very much, and that means the world.

Here's to 175 more recipes this calendar year and even more lessons learned.

-The Resolved Cook

Amelia McCormick

Kansas girl transplanted to Asheville, North Carolina. Smiler, lover of great food and wine, facilitator, runner, storyteller, wife, optimist, and mother of sweet twins:)

Asheville, North Carolina